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Small VTC rooms are non-portable or portable, smaller, and usually less expensive. These VTC rooms can still utilize the same state- of-the-art technology that is used within the larger facilities.


Staying ahead in a technology-filled world requires preparing and integrating the right technology.

CSRI multimedia services include planning, designing, building, and implementing AV and VTC networks.

At CSRI, our AC and VTC specialists have the knowledge and experience with current and emerging technologies to develop a customized system designed to meet the growing communication needs of your organization. We diligently stay abreast of industry trends and innovations to deliver our customers a solution that will best meet their and solve existing communication problems. 

Individual Conference Rooms   

Individual VTC rooms and desktop systems are usually portable devices that are meant for one to three users at a time.  Advancing technology has enabled VTC capabilities to be implemented in desktop systems at the fraction of the cost versus permanent VTC rooms.

Large Conference Rooms
Large VTC rooms are non-portable rooms that range from conference rooms, auditoriums, and college classrooms. These rooms are built utilizing state-of the-art technology which includes faster information distribution, an emphasis on productivity, the lowering of transmission costs, and easy-to use equipment.

Small Conference Rooms