Why should you choose CSRI for program and project management?

By using the services of CSRI, you gain the maximum value from your IT investment. On engagement with a new client, CSRI focuses on enabling the client to achieve goals by developing the best IT solutions for that organization.

What can you expect from program and project management services?

When embarking on an IT project, you need a partner that has the technical expertise to work with you collaboratively in making the correct decisions for your organization. Your technology partner should be able to provide you options and expound upon the pros and cons of each. You need a partner with the foresight to understand the impact decisions you make today will have on your IT infrastructure.

Our experience extends from the network to the end user, encompassing the data center, field offices, inter-networked campuses, communications closets, and distribution frames, as well as rarified environments such as public works, seaports and research facilities.

Whether your needs are in the network, server/storage, software, or security arena, our talented teams draw on their considerable expertise to ensure your project’s success.

General Business
  • Project control database implementation and maintenance
  • Logistics support
  • Technical text preparation and editing

Our success is based on the success of our customers. 

At CSRI we focus on reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. These are also some of the goals of project management. We incorporate advanced technology to make processes more efficient, while realizing that the successful completion of any endeavor requires both a well thought out approach and the know-how to utilize the right skills for the right tasks at the right time. We have a proven track record of success on a variety of projects. 

We apply technology lifecycle methodology, using performance –based management principles, to deliver enterprise level solutions and services to our customers. This is accomplished by combining industry-leading technology products and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software, with world-class service delivery and innovative business practices to programmatically improve the acquisition, deployment, and operation of IT infrastructure.

Our IT professionals use proven methodologies, tools, and metrics to optimize performance and accommodate future enhancements

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Scheduling and Planning
  • Schedule Management Plan preparation/maintenance
  • Schedule development
  • Project schedules status accounting
  • Work around and recovery planning
  • Project risk assessment
  • Earned value reporting analysis
  • Contractor schedules and systems surveillance

Program & Project Management

Configuration Management (CM):
  • CM system design, implementation, maintenance, audit
  • CM plan development and maintenance
  • CM technology enhancement analysis and implementation
Management Information Systems (MIS):
  • MIS plan development
  • MIS design, operation and maintenance
  • MIS user support
  • Security requirements implementation
  • Web site development and maintenance